Continuous Compliance

Establish a unified Data and Logic Governance Rule Engine


Data Governance

Understanding Data Governance
Questions around data’s quality, integrity and relevance are increasingly difficult for modern enterprises to answer. DataRail+’s Continuous Compliance Solution helps organisations ensure that the Data can only be seen by the right party, and provided with an audible data trail to record the data logs.

Govern your data with DataRail+
Get serious about getting data compliance right
  • Reduce risks from data exchanges
    Reduce risks from data exchanges
    Threats from data interactions with third parties keep escalating. With DataRail+ as your access management tool , you can audit data and business process lineage and manage risks accordingly.
  • Scale compliance quickly and easily
    Scale compliance quickly and easily
    Engage with a scalable software that makes it easy to expand support as data privacy regulations continue to evolve — principles like lineage, workflows and governance are built into the foundation.
  • Optimize governance of sensitive data
    Optimise governance of sensitive data
    Manage & track sensitive data across its entire lifecycle — know who created it, who’s using it — and define roles and responsibilities on the accessibility for said data to enable a robust data culture.
Future-proof your data compliance
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