Meet Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.


CEO - Jack

“We are creating the new phenomenon, to make our world phenomenal.”
Jack has founded a London Tech Start-up for ICT project optimisation through proprietary algorithm in deep learning. With engaging in many tech-service companies, he offered system architecture for projects becoming feasible in delivery and business operations.

CTO - Noel

“At the end of the day, without practical Developer Adoptions and clear Developer Experiences, no technology can be grounded.”
Noel has been a lead developer from KPMG and helped listed banks and insurance companies to integrate rule-engine and blockchain technologies into their services. With over 10 years of developing experience, he is an Ethereum pioneer in Taiwan.

CRO - Darren

“We pride ourselves on the obsession we have for our clients, by offering our clients compelling values and building better solutions based on their business needs.”
Darren is a communication specialist with B2B sales/marketing and client relations expertise within different industries,
Darren had years of experience in helping Start-ups in the APAC region to secure business/investment opportunity and develop marketing campaigns for building sustainable partnership and investor relationship for international expansion.

COO - Leo

“We dedicate ourselves to solving the real problems for our customers. Thus, We need to constantly learn from them, grow along with them, and eventually empower every innovation.”
Leo has had working experience in a London-based VR/AR game company where he was responsible for project management and prototype integration, practicing from initiating, planning, to coding. He also has experiences in helping Taiwanese company implementing business IT solutions. Now he focuses on assisting customers to innovate and optimise business value.

CIO - Atkins

“An emerging technology does not need ads or hypes. It needs common sense and real engineering.”
Atkins has contributed to various large open source projects like Apache foundation, Linux and LLVM. He also helped listed banks and enterprises to optimise their AI/BI data pipelines. With over 10 years of developing experiences, he is a data-engineering expert and system architect.