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Data is an opportunity, and nothing is more expensive than missed opportunity.

Grasp it without fail with FST Network


FST Network
We are a Data Intelligence Company, helping enterprises transform how they find and use data.
Empowering Digital Transformation, Innovation. Connecting everyone to the insights they need.

Why us
Empowered by DataRail+
  • Empowering Data Lineage, Data Sharing with Access Management
    Empowering Data Lineage, Data Sharing with Access Management
    Continuous compliance allows organisations to unlock the value of their data and collaborate with other parties in a strategic and competitive manner.
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  • Empowering Reference Tech
    Unlock Virtual Data Warehouse
    Closing the collaborative gap between organisations, enabling data sourcing to find connections, identify new opportunities and deliver results through deeper understanding of data.
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  • Unlock Virtual Data Warehouse
    Empowering Reference Tech
    Create transparency in complex processes, so people can answer the who, the what, the when and the where of your organisation’s data.

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We work closely with Microsoft, AWS, and ADVANTECH.
Through product integration, sales cooperation and verification from our partner network,
enterprises can quickly adapt FST Network’s software in a stable manner.
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